Boudoir Photoshoot Contract

_(The Name Used In Digital SignatureFrom Form)_ (hereafter “Client”) and James Knox (hereafter “Photographer”) hereby agree to the following:

The Date/Time/Location/Time/Will Be Validated By This Contract for Future Sessions, And There fore Is Not Set In Contract But Will Be Added To The Contract As Session is Completed. Client Will Receive A Copy of This Contract With A Date Time Location Box Filled in.

The photoshoot will take place at {time} on {date} at {location} and last for {Time}. The Client {will not} require hair and makeup

The Client will provide {his/her} own clothing, accessories, and footwear. The Client is allowed 3 outfit changes through the duration of the session.

The Photographer will be paid {If Promotional amount Will Be Disregarded Except for Prints, Otherwise The Price Of The Session Will Be Reflected In Invoice And Will Be Listed Clearly On The Pricing Table at} at the time of the booking and a further {amount} at the end of the photoshoot session. Professional print and digital copies may be purchased after the photo session for the following prices: {Price tiers for sizes, digital copies, editing, etc.}.

The Photographer will provide {his/her} own photographic equipment and editing tools.

The Shoot

All photos are fully copyrighted. The possession of all photos taken belongs to the Photographer until he/she receives full payment. The Photographer retains copyright regardless of sale. The scanning, resale, distribution, or online sharing of any photographs without the Photographer’s written permission is illegal, and all violators will be prosecuted. The use of personal cameras or recording devices during the photoshoot is strictly prohibited.

The Photographer is not liable for any theft, injury, loss of personal items, expenses, or damages that occur during or in connection with the photoshoot. Any relevant medical issues should be disclosed before the photoshoot.

This Agreement is Valid For All Future Sessions And May Be Amended At Any Time By Photographer

Filling out The Form Below Means That You Agree In Full To The Terms And Understand And Agree To The Terms Set Forth In This Contract.

The Shoot
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The Vibe
The Agreement
The Client releases ALL photographs taken during the session to the Photographer for marketing, sample, illustrative, promotional, and other use, including—but not limited to—social media, website, pamphlet, and advertisement purposes. Note If Session Is Promotional (You Must Choose "Will" Option )
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