Letter To The Viewers - Who Am I... Really? | Blog — James Knox Photography

I definitely can say I enjoy what I do, and I love every moment of it. My wife and I along with our two children live in Lamar, Missouri, an active community where we sufficiently know each other more times than not. But there's a lot outside Lamar.

Allow me promptly give you some historical background behind that specific statement, perhaps some cultural context.

I come from a family with six brothers and sisters. My Father John a pastor who moved from the Blue Springs area near Kansas City along with my mother Rebecca. I comprise of a mix of Scotch-Irish, Sicilian, Italian, and German.

Along with a rich family background and Heritage, I think I can genuinely maintain that my family and I definitely are the proverbial Melting Pot. “a substantial group of mixed ethnicity, melding together to represent a complex mix.”

I have a passion for photography, video, Cinema, Photoshop, Web design, graphic design. Anything and everything creative.

Along with being just a bit of a coffee addict.

“I need to do some coffee giveaways!”.

But all said and done, my website social media and everything else really in a long-run means nothing. It signifies nothing; without all of you.

Thank You For Reading.

~Sincerly Thank You From James A. Knox