Let Me Introduce My Self

Hey, How Are You?! I am James Knox. But no matter about that at this pivotal moment, Lets Talk About You, So Thank you for being here!! It means a lot to me. Its Great To Be Working; doing What I Love. This is invariably what I have always Dreamed About! My Content is promptly About To Get A Whole Lot Better, And it Has Already Come So Far!

You Might Want To Know a bit About Me Though, So Here It Goes.

Internal Thought "There Is Much To Put In One Page" Let Me Start With This. 

Hi, I'm James Knox, if you haven't met me yet, there is a good possibility that you don't know much about me. I haven't put much specific information out about who I am precisely. So let me I properly introduce myself.

I am a devoted husband, father, successful entrepreneur, photography business owner, sometimes kind of a tech nerd LOL, but through the midst of all of it, that life has thrown my way. out of everything that I've ever had an interest in, Photography and Video processes, but in particular, photography has been a passionate pursuit of mine, my entire life. There are many things good I would have to say about it, but above all of it, the lovely thing that I have grown tremendously to love about photography and video is the reactions it gets, And the emotions it invokes.

I want to bring New Perspectives, new looks styles, and creativity to everyone, strangers, acquaintances, my clients, friends, and family.  

As Everything Else typically does, My Life Has Gotten Busy, And Work naturally has Consumed A Good amount of ample time, But I keenly enjoy every memorable moment.  

There Will Always Be That Want To Improve Upon My Past Work, And the more clients I get the more I realize, That experience is one of the greatest gifts I have received for my work. But my Family is the greats Gift I have ever been given.

Nicole Supports My Work, And Always is More then graciously Helpful, she helps tremendously with fundamental ideas, Clients, and really in every practical aspect we typically run this Business together.  

I Have had my considerable share of things happen in life, Believe me, when I say, everyone needs an escape! There Are So Many times that I have been down, Depressed and feeling like there is no way out. But the Reality is, My Family, & photography, have finally pulled me up, and out of it, and I am ready to start sharing my Work.   

Social creativity is what you make with it. 

There is a whole lot to be said about how I approach photography, for The Longest time I had issues talking to people about it, "During my Depression Points."

But I see a notable amount of people that I have worked with start out nervous "I Completely Understand!". I have been there, I Never, ever, ever! Want anyone to be afraid to share their opinion with me about what they want out of there Session. There is never to little room for input, So Please, Feel free to Give me your opinions, and brilliant ideas, let's Get Creative.