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NEWYEAR? | But What About Now

NEWYEAR? | But What About Now

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Everyone has something they want to do in 2019. How about you? What goals do you have for this upcoming Year? Are They Big Personal Changes, Small points about you, you would like to change.

New years declarations are critical to getting back on track. So many things we want to do, and so many more things that we have to get done. Life can get crazy! Am I right? But No matter what the change or the approach we would like to stand behind you and give you encouragement in your journey toward it.

I would never have thought in a million years that I would be saying this but I am tired. And no my age isn't catching up with me lol, I am tired subjectively, and I have decided to make some changes. I used to be into health and fitness a lot more than of late. But my goals are strong now, and I am Resolved to begin now.

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

So Over The Last Few Years, A Lot Has Happened, Boy Let Me Tell you about it, My Wife and got married. We had a little girl, We Have Moved, my business has taken off, and that's just the beginning. At No Other Time In My Life, Have I been this fulfilled and as Blessed as right this moment.

And many more things will continue to be completed. we are moving forward into our new year with plans, just like you. But, for the moment. There is always another holiday around the corner, so it seems. And Right now, Christmas is knocking on the door. With the running around, shopping, and other tasks to prepare; there is not much time to think. So rest up, Set some time aside for you and your family this week, to prepare and enjoy the time of year.

I’m finally back in my Christmas spirit and am getting to spend it with Family. And Working for myself is proving to be a task that I am equipped for. I love my job, and it allows me to set aside family time which makes for a very rewarding occupation.

A Small Thank You

I have always loved photography, and the clients I work with are always a pleasure. And I wanted to say a few thanks to all you.

As a photographer, I appreciate you all. You have changed my life and family's life in so many ways. There is never a time I can think of that a session has ever been unenjoyable. And I hope the same for any future client. I want to hear if you are considering me as your photographer, Please feel free to contact me here on my site. And I will be more than happy to give you a callback or email to correspond.

Its Easy For You To Book | Now Offering Appointments Through Acuity

Its Easy For You To Book | Now Offering Appointments Through Acuity

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