Its Easy For You To Book | Now Offering Appointments Through Acuity

Flat lay of business agenda

Acuity is a Business scheduling software, And it is now integrated into the website.

If you are a SQUARESPACE USER you can get acuity free for the first year

they also have a free version if you are just looking for a test run.

Visit for all your Booking, payment, and scheduling needs.

You Can Now Book right from the site, pay a deposit and even lets you edit your booking date, and I will be notified. It's very flexible, go ahead and check it out.

If can be found here. 

I am really excited to be able to offer this because it creates a hassle-free way for you to easily book. 

Thank you For visiting the site, and I hope to work with you soon. 

Here is the live form, you can book right from here for a family Booking!!!

For A Listing Of all bookings you can also follow this link to go directly to My Booking Page hosted by Acuity.