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How To - Organize Work & Desk Space Effectively  

How To - Organize Work & Desk Space Effectively  

Everyone has times that organization gets them down. but no more. Below Is Summarized A 5 Step Plan To  Taking Control Of Your WorkSpace TODAY!
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Download Info-graphic. -->Take Control Of Your WorkSpace.

Take Control Of Your WorkSpace - Step By Step And Informational Article On Desk And WorkSapce Organization 


1. Start with a purge

You Just can't have a productive work-space without Doing a "Purge". Consider The Size And the condition of your office/Desk,

Step 1 can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day.

Goal Of Step One Is Clutter-Free Space.


2.The Catch-All

Every Area Of Your House office or other spaces need a place to catch all of the incoming junk.

There are 3 main office Junk and desk junk flows: 

  1. Needed documents,
  2.  things you need to keep
  3.  Trash.

A catch-all space needs to have: 

  1. A tray for documents
  2. shelf, hooks, & box
  3. A trash can.

Your catch-all space helps you keep your office clean with little effort.


3.A Desktop clear of clutter - The Most Important Area

Most people will be more productive in a desktop area when it is free of clutter. Other people, Mostly Creators Will thrive in settings that tend to be disorderly.

For the less inspired among us, a clean/pristine area is the best option. clean work areas create a productive workflow.

4.The Only Divided House; That Stands.

Divide Your Work Area Into 2 Parts

  1. Area 1: Computer work. 
  2. Area 2: Non-computer work.

This will help Fix The Annoying Problems With Finding Things When Switching tasks. and completing tasks in an orderly fashion.

Download Printable Version Of This Info-graphic -->  Download

Download Printable Version Of This Info-graphic --> Download


5.Bigger Can

  1. Get A Bigger Trash Can

Organize your area with a central Trashcan Inreach, Throw Unneeded Trash and Paper, etc, without letting it overflow.


Additional Things That Will Keep You Organized

  1. Go easy on the sticky notes, moderation is key to order. - Framing your monitor? Is A Definite No. Use them for important short-term reminders. Other Wise You Begin to think of them as just part of the screen and forget they are there to remind you.
  2. Don't go overboard with personal items try to keep no more then three personal items on a desk.


When Your work gets backed up, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and stall.

So Try To Catalog What is and is not important to you.

  1.  Important and urgent
  2.  Urgent, but not necessarily important
  3.  Important, without urgency
  4.  Non-urgent, and not important


Thank you For Reading | I Will Be Back Very Soon With another Sumurized How To.  ~James A Knox



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