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I have a lot to clear up! - Top 10 Things That Will Simplify Your Life Quick.

I have a lot to clear up! - Top 10 Things That Will Simplify Your Life Quick.

This Blog Post And Many More To Come Are Dedicated To My Lovely Wife Nicole,
I love you And Thank You For Being
Mine For Ever And Always. 
— ~James Knox

Those Days...

so you ever have one of the quotes "those days"? I have, had, have been having one of those days for the last 2 years, I keep getting stuck, and haven't quite gotten the hang of my marketing and sales, not to mention getting videos photos and other content out, amongst, client session, family life, you get the picture. (No up. Intended).

My life keeps moving forward but my organization seems to be going out the window.  

Well No more! 

 I'm going to go over a few things that I have started implementing in my day to day life, with you. 


As a Photographer, I am having to learn more and more about staying organized. 

So Here It Goes.

Law Offices (1).png

P is for Phone

"Use an A-Z accordion file for storing instruction booklets for appliances and electronics. E.g Phone goes under P and not under the brand name Of The Item. This Helps Everyone in the house find it easier.

Trash Cardio.

When You Run Into Trash In Your House, Throw it away, But Don't Just Throw it away, Take The Extra Steps to Take It Directly to the outdoor Bin. You Get Exercise And DE-Clutter. 


Bed Time Race Game! WHAT??

Before Your Kids Go To Bed Play The Race Game For 10 Minutes. Se Who Can Pick Up The Fastest.


Clothes For The Occasion

If You Run Into The Issue Of Having A Ton Of Clothes, Sort And Organize Them For The Occasion Not Type. (example, short- and long-sleeved shirts or pants and skirts) 

Say Yes To Date Night Quicker!

I Can See Your Bottle Divider From Here.

Use a cardboard bottle divider from a liquor or wine case to create compartments in a drawer. Not A Big Deal But Interesting None The Less.


Welcome To The Catchall Closet.

Step One. Unload everything Out Of A Spare Closet.

Step Two. Go Get More storage bins.  "Detailed organization cuts search time."

Step Three. Purchase bins that:

  • are the same brand so they stack easily.
  • are clear so you can easily see what's inside.
  • come in a variety of sizes.

Step Four. bins are often give motivation for purging. You have got to be willing to let go of items that haven't been used over the last year.

Or even donate items that could benefit others.

Step Five. Place like items into bins.



Cable Management

If you are like me you have a lot of wires, You NEED To Get The Taken Care Of 

  • Convenient Cable Management: This flexible cable organizer helps secure TV and video game console wires or reduce tangled cords behind your computer desk
  • Stronger, Heavy-Duty Design: Each wire sleeve is meticulously sewn and reinforced with strong glue and velcro to offer long-lasting stability and use
  • Universal Black Color: The pure black color better hides your cords with discrete versatility no matter where you need it
  • Slim, Customizable Format: At 60" x 4.5” in length, our computer cable sleeves can be cut to fit your specific needs or used end-to-end for precision cable coverage
  • Home or Office Support: Yeely heavy-duty cable wrap hider can manage a full entertainment center or organize office networks with space-saving efficiency.


Great Product, Plus It Makes Your House Look More Organized Which Makes You More Organized. WIn-Win.

Moving On.


     Find Your Trouble Spots - Let Get A Bit More In-Depth & Philosophical. 

Find The Areas In Your Home That Just, Well... Make You Feel Tired, And Lost. 

"My Desk" "My Kitchen" Where ever that problem area is. take care of it. Give your home a flow. you've heard the term "feng shui"? It's Time To Use it; And Apply it.

Read More About that in the link below this. Blog.  But In All Reality And Seriously Find Those Areas, Write Them Down, Take A Deep Breath. And Work For 30 Minutes A Day Organizing. And In A Month You Will Have Organized For 7 Hours Of That Month. It Helps A Bunch.  


Store a discard bag in the closet.

Get A Bag To Put All Those Clothes And Things That You Don't use Any More in. 

When its full take it to recycling Locations, and Local Shelters and thrift stores to donate. Or Throw A Small Garage Sale.


Trying to Be Perfect?

Many people with clutter in their space, and in their schedules, are perfectionists. Who Would Have Thought That?

Get comfortable with being 'good enough.'

With organization being 'good enough' is a great & perfect Place To Be, But Annoying, And Frustrating, but I Promise You to practice makes Perfect. And Perfection Comes Over Time. Organized people are very aware of their time and therefore prioritize. Prioritizing will allow tasks to get done well at First, And You Will Slowly Get Better And Better. 

No One Hits Perfection The First Time.

Stay in the present moment, Recognize partial wins and accept 'good enough' for today. You can perfect it later when time allows.

This Part Is Always The Part That I struggle With The Most. But My Wife Is Great At It And She Is Starting To Rub Off On Me. 




Thank You For Reading. 

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