Why are you so scared? And the mirror mirror complex.

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everything in this post/article is my personal opinion. And simply that. along with the statement I would also like to say that I find nothing wrong with Instagram Facebook or social media, I use them extensively myself.

If I Had A Nickel Every Time I Heard...

   all the time I hear people talking about their fear of cameras, being in front of one, having their picture taken and so forth. The truth is I don't know if anyone is really outgoing anymore, of course, there are a few, yes, but in today's society companies and corporations run over you to sell things like Photo filters for Snapchat and messenger, I don't know if it's possible for anyone to really have a true View of themselves. 

   and that's why, thru all of my use of digital photography methods I learned a very important lesson that has helped my own and others that I have known, not only with their self-esteem but with the fact that there is no one that is Flawless in the world.

  the glamour models, the Instagram models and all of the sort make heavy use of digital photography methods to create a more appealing more attractive figure, skin tone, in short, the societal sought-after "Super Model". 

 its all a fake, and its used to scare you into buying products. So let's change that starting today. The mirror mirror complex is astoundingly an accurate way to describe the road we are heading down. 

You get bullet-riddled with marketing gunfire, and you being caught in the middle don't even see it happen. 

 Victoria secret has been well known for these tactics against our younger generation. And it does not just end at young women.

 Teen boys and young men (20s) don't even know what a woman is. They view women as the perfect female image, and the golden standard of marketed female body depiction (you know pouty-lipped, bombshell, anorexic, snots) and yes I meant "snots". And to add insult to injury then we have the stereotypical turn around that. Ohhhh that's skinny shaming. Let me stop right here and say. I am not shaming anyone. But at the end of the day, when the makeup is gone, and filters turned off. your not that photoshopped sex icon that you are told you should be.   

As proof of this fact google  'Snapchat Dysmorphia'  

Here is a quote from inside edition -  “They can change contours of the face, they can change the tone of the skin and the texture of the skin to look a certain way,” said Vashi. “So I’m also seeing patients coming in wanting to look like that type of photograph.”

Ladies, Gentleman. Join me in taking a stand against these sorts of a trend. 

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