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So as a photographer, there is always a need to make sure my clients' Files Are always protected. and are free from the risk of deletion, getting lost, or worse Formatted on a memory card.

I have a background Of Programming and Technology. and this leads to my most recent Venture.

I hate losing files. For some time now I have been working on my skills at File Recovery. So Even when they are permanently Formatted/deleted.  It Remains true that when its digital, its almost never Truly deleted. And I know you hate Losing files just like me.

I am Soon Going to be offering Deleted Digital Media Restoration Services on my site. This will Cover Memory Cards, SD/SDXC/microSD, and any USB Or Removable media, As well as PC Hard Drives. 

Recovery Rate On Photos Files, Are About 95%.

Video Files Have a slightly lower Success rate at about 89%.

All Other Files Range Depending upon the media type.

In the meantime, until This Service is Official, I would be happy to Take On 5 Customers At no Charge.  And You can Sign up here. This is first come first serve. Plus cost of recovery drive such as new storage drive, flash drive etc.