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What we can do for you? “Client Information”

We meet your wants and needs. When you hire us, You get the best. Your Ideas, And Our Technical Experience Serving You, Gives Your Session an advantage, And there will never be a reason why your ideas shouldn't, or couldn't be put on the table, and we will work with you to create fine art, and exquisite Modern digital photography, We Offer Many services and would love To be your choice to shoot your weddings, head and Shoulder Portraits, Family Photos, And More. If you find a photographer that charges less then we do. we will consider matching your quote. We are Based In Lamar Missouri, But we Serve the Entire Four State Area.

For Me photography Is a passion not just my work, & Many friends have been made.

We are a husband and wife team, and you are always free to correspond with us and discuss anything.

We would love to hear your input and thoughts. and we look forward to working with you

~ Sincerely James & Nicole Knox