Homepages cant say it all.

There are many times i wish that instead of you seeing this site, i could meet you in person to show you what James K. Photography Studio can do for you. But it is not the way the world works. But if you would like an appointment can scheduled at at your convenience.


With A New Year Underway, New Services are here, Studio Limited Sessions are here, a true investment That Includes Newborn, Couples, Senior And A Variety of other new Studio sessions, including backdrop, and Travel to services, with our fully mobile studio setup we can make it happen no matter what the situation.

A Few Of The Services We Offer

  • Wedding, Family, Couples, Birthday, Events, Engagements

  • Children, Senior Photos, glamour photography, Boudoir,

  • Swim, Head Shots. And The List Goes On And On.

All Appointments Include

  • *Free Consultation

  • *Free Wardrobe Advice

  • *Worry Free Payment Plans If Requested

  • *Sessions Average Starting Price $125.00

  • *Photo Print Packs Start At $8.99

Photography Booking & Contact Information

James Knox

Work Method & Pricing

Our Price is competitive, and if you find a photographer that charges less then we do. we will consider matching your quote.

We are Based In Lamar Missouri, But we Serve the Entire Four State Area.

Our Pricing Systems

Simple, and to the point pricing system, average price sets around $125.00.

  • Payment arrangements Are accepted

  • We accept cash, Card, And Checks for your convince.

For Me photography Is a passion not just what I do for a living, my clients have Often become Like family, & Many friends have been made.

We are a husband and wife team, and you are always free to correspond with us and discuss anything.

We would love to hear your input and thoughts.

~ Sincerely James Knox

Limited Session’s

Are Available

Contact Information

Email: James@JamesKnoxStudio.com

Phone: 417-522-5094

Add-On Item’s

Print Packages

Digital Media (Flash Drives, DVD’s. CD, Or Digital Upload)

Large Format Prints

Specialty Items

Client Information

Your Ideas And Our Technical Experience Serving You, Gives Your Session an advantage, And there will never be a reason why your ideas shouldn't, or couldn't be put on the table, and we will work with you to create fine art, and exquisite Modern digital photography, We Offer Many services and would love To be your choice to shoot your weddings, head and Shoulder Portraits, Family Photos, And More.

We want you as a client

No matter who you are, what you are looking for out of a photographer. we want to be there from start to finish.